August 11, 2022

New projects of house renovation can seem exciting and attractive, but you’ll get more out of them if you take the time to plan carefully and think about the details. You need to know what you want from the project and what your budget is before you get carried away by the excitement and start choosing new kitchens or furniture!


It’s hard to talk about the budget at the beginning of a project, but having an understanding of what you can afford is important so that time isn’t wasted and you know what you can deliver. The budget is an estimate of the cost of the project, not a cap on architectural fees or spending. Professionals will always try to provide the best value for your money while staying within the budget and time constraints of your project.

Cost, quality, time triangle

You might want to have it all, but something will have to give. A great way to establish the most important criteria for your project is to consider cost, quality and time. Placing some clarity and direction into your proposal and brief to the design team will help you to make decisions. It will also guide your architect on your preferences. A project will be assigned a time period around the point of focus. If a cost-time balance is desired, the point of focus will fall on the line between cost and time. A perfectly balanced project would have a dot in the middle of this line.