August 11, 2022

When planning a kitchen renovation it’s worth paying attention to diversifying your kitchen design with modern technologies that will make things easier. Today’s technological advancements have changed what’s possible, even in the kitchen. From the days of iceboxes and ticking kitchen timers to the present day, kitchen design has evolved considerably; if you’re thinking about upgrading your kitchen, don’t forget to include smart technology. These are our favourite ways to create a smart kitchen that feels smart.

Google Home/ Alexa

Hands-free devices like Google Home and Alexa can be used to set timers, access recipes, and have a recipe read aloud to you. This makes cooking easier, and more fun– you can ask your device to play a podcast, or create a “Kitchen” playlist so you can enjoy your favourite music while you work.

Charging stations

We love the built-in charging station on our desk. It keeps our phones, tablets, and cameras fully charged and out of sight, but also ensures that they are always at hand when we need them.

Touch-activated faucets

Touch-activated kitchen faucets eliminate the need for hand-held or pull-down faucets and are ideal for those who wish to avoid making a mess when washing their hands.

Hidden creens

Small TVs or tablets can be useful while cooking or when you need a break from your meal preparation. You might want to choose a shelf that allows space for cables, or keep your device inside a cabinet with an open back so that wiring is visible.

Kitchen Appliances

Although some high-tech kitchen appliances are unnecessary, they can be fun to use. Options like a refrigerator with a touchscreen and the ability to stream music, a stove you can control from your smartphone, and a microwave that customizes it presets based on your usage are available if you want to take kitchen technology up a notch. Just remember that technology evolves quickly, so these high-tech appliances might need to be replaced sooner than their low-tech counterparts.