August 23, 2022

Clothes take up a lot of space. But if you have some extra space, it wouldn’t hurt to have a walk in wardrobe. If you dream about spectacular designs for your bedroom, we’ve got some ideas for you! Space assessment and creativity can be used to create wardrobes that change the face of a room. From luxurious walk-in wardrobes to trendy wardrobe stands, there’s one style for everyone! To determine which wardrobe is appropriate for you, identify your persona.

A walk-in wardrobe/dressing area converts a bedroom into a dressing room.

If you have extra rooms in your home, you can convert an extra room into a walk-in dressing area. Add a comfortable chair and a recessed dressing table with mirrors along the centre of the room’s length. A tall wardrobe with sliding doors that has mirror panels running down its centre allows maximum utilisation of space. Appropriate lighting like a metallic bubble chandelier creates soft illumination and maintains privacy.

This is a master bedroom with a sliding wardrobe.

If you have a small bedroom and want to make the most of what space you have, consider using a wall to build in storage. Covering it with panels that slide back and forth can make a big difference. Choose light colors like light grey or very light blue, which will make the corner look extremely light on the eye. Add lights inside the wardrobe so that you do not need harsh lights in the room to see what’s inside.

Corner wardrobe with 5 doors and glass shutters

Glass wardrobes are a stylish way to display one’s collection of clothing. Also, glass shutters let in lots of light and make the room feel very open. Track lights can be installed on the ceiling so that you can easily find what you’re looking for. To customize your wardrobe design further, consider adding colour strips at the centre and bottom so that some items will still be hidden from view.

The bed features a built in wardrobe around the headboard.

Above-the-bed storage is a great way to save floor space without sacrificing function. To create above-the-bed storage, build a wardrobe against the wall behind your bed. White paint is recommended for built-in wardrobes so that they blend into the wall and don’t stand out as eyesores. Go ahead and include lofts in your built-in wardrobe to make full use of the wall’s height.

Minimalist wardrobe frame for convenient storage of accessories.

If you are keeping your wardrobe in the hallway or your living room, consider a simple frame without a base. Make sure your closet has enough hangers, shelves, and drawers for every item of clothing you own, and that your bedroom furniture is one of the best models on the market.

A fashionable wardrobe

Although some people prefer to have a wardrobe to store their clothes, there are others who find them inconvenient and impractical. So if you belong to the latter category and don’t want to spend money on a regular wardrobe, a handy solution is to use a sturdy wardrobe stand with shelves attached and a hanger rod. This will not only save you from buying an expensive item but also give you adequate storage space for clothes, accessories and other stuff.

The wardrobe and dresser separated by a glass door

For a more intimate bedroom, you can create a separate space with a glass wall. The glass can either run the length of the room or be used to separate a wardrobe and drawers from the rest of your bedroom. We also recommend adding a vanity with seating for those evenings when you want to get ready before going out.