October 16, 2022

When you need to make your home bigger but your budget won’t allow for an addition, finishing the basement is a great solution. Basement renovations shouldn’t be done on the cheap. You should invest in quality materials and technology to ensure that your basement will stand the test of time. Fortunately, there are many new basement construction techniques available that can add value over the life of your home. Here are some tips on how to get your basement renovation done right.

Look for cracks!

Give the foundation a close look for cracks. If you see any, use a quality carbon fiber crack repair solution to fix them. Carbon fiber is a strong, lightweight material that’s easy to install. It can be used to repair cracks in floors and walls, or to reinforce bowed walls. Structural integrity should be ensured before tackling other elements.

Consider adding a subfloor.

When working on basements, contractors should be looking for a material that can serve as a subfloor and has a tongue and groove design. A high R-value is important: The higher the R-value, the better the material will insulate the space.

Create each element with care.

When planning a basement remodel, it’s important to sketch out the floor plan with the homeowner. This will make certain you both have a clear idea of how the basement will be completed.

Don’t build directly on concrete slabs.

As extreme weather events have increased, so too have basement flooding incidents. Many homeowners are taking steps to address the problem of basement moisture. To keep moisture and mildew at bay, the key is air circulation, which you can achieve in your home using natural methods (such as opening windows) or mechanical ones (using ducts and vents). Breathable building materials and a good subflooring product can also help keep your finished floo