October 17, 2022

For many people, the desire to reproduce the atmosphere of a coastal town in their home never vanishes. The marine style has many different varieties. However, we will focus on one general characteristic of a nautical interior – its emphasis on navigation and sailing. You will learn how to make an interior inspired by the seaside beaches that delight you all year round.

Marine-style kitchen furniture

The marine style is often reproduced in the living room, but it also works well in the kitchen. Successful combinations of colours and materials depend on choosing the right shades and finishes. Wooden kitchen furniture is most popular for this style, especially pieces with light wooden tones and a glossy finish. The combination of natural wood with white makes a very classic look that could be suitable for modern kitchens but which also evokes images of seafaring traditions in older homes. Replica furniture made from MDF can also be used to bring out this sense of tradition without incurring high costs. Another option for arranging a marine-themed interior is to use mostly white furniture, combined with blue or brown accents. A blue-colored worktop or furniture knobs in brown and white will give the kitchen a dreamy and marine appearance. The three main colors in this style are blue, white, and brown. You can freely combine them, but it is important that white remains the principal color. A marine room seems extremely spacious and filled with light because of its white walls and furniture. You can get this effect with solid-color paint or a large piece of artwork featuring ocean scenes. Which type of floor do you choose? There are many good options here. Tile or wood floors look equally good in marine kitchens. Characteristic pieces of furniture for this type of decor are a table and an island. If you have enough space, these are both great additions to your kitchen design that will also make it appear spacious if they’re large enough (like an island). It’s also worth using unique chairs with upholstery that really stands out! Many different styles will work well here—wood chairs are often chosen, but stool seats, benches, and even wicker rocking chairs look great too!

Ideas and inspirations

You can create a marine-themed room with the help of furniture and various accessories. Wooden items make an excellent choice, as do wicker or rattan accessories. Tableware also looks great in such a room, whether it has a marine pattern on it or not. The principle of contrast works well here: inside a blue dresser, white plates look like the most expensive porcelain. Decorating with a maritime theme is easy, as there are many kits available for purchase. These kits include items such as curtains, tablecloths and napkins. While textile accessories are generally associated with the living room and bedroom, they can also be used in the kitchen with a marine-themed décor. For instance, striped cushions look great in any space. Metal lamps are also a good choice for creating a cosy ambiance. If you want to create an atmosphere that evokes the feeling of being on the high seas, install atmospheric lanterns in your space.